Does a connection with nature help children’s education?

The Elephant in the room by Holly Goldberg Sloan OUT IN MARCH 2021! Published by Bonnier Books£6.99ISBN: 9781800780002Pages: 250Author contact @HGoldbergSloan Publisher contact details:@bonnierbooks_UK @PicadillyPress Under 100 characters summary: Loyalty and longing combine to show a young girl a new way of surviving her life and helping others to do the same.The first... Continue Reading →

Can books about girls interested in science help young girls become interested in the subject at school?

Marie Curious Girl Genius Saves the World By Chris Edison Published by Orchard Books £6.99 ISBN: 978 1 40835 998 3 Pages: 243 Publisher website: @HachetteKids Under 100 characters summary: A group of girls save the world, defeat evil and invent new machines – science is power!The first line: As soon as she got... Continue Reading →

How much historical fact and description do you need to include in a story to help the reader understand the setting? Freedom by Catherine Johnson Cover artwork by Two Dots Published by Scholastic £4.99 ISBN: 9781 4071 85484 Published: 2nd August 2018 138 pages Author’s contact details: @catwrote Illustrator’s contact details: Publisher’s website: @scholasticuk Under 100 characters book review:  Beautifully written story about a slave boy in Jamaica and the continuing battles... Continue Reading →

How many twists and turns can a plot have? The Vanishing Trick by Jenni Spangler Illustrated by Chris Mould Published by Simon and Schuster £6.99. ISBN: 9781 4711 9037 7 Published: 30th April 2020 295 pages Author’s contact details: @JenniSpangler1 Illustrator’s contact details: @chrismouldink Publisher’s website: @simonschusterUK Under 100 characters book review:  Victorian orphan, captured by a medium, wades through... Continue Reading →

Wink by Rob Harrell

ISBN: 9781471409141 Published by Hot Key Books Main Review: This book begins with a very serious note from the author himself explaining how he was diagnosed with cancer and how the book explores a lot of his own experiences. However, the story itself is not difficult to read, even if it is a challenging subject.... Continue Reading →

The Pear Affair by Judith Eagle

What is more important to you when you read a book: characterisation or a sense of place? Published by FaberPaperback: £7.99 Ebook: £5.99ISBN: 9780571346851Pages: 274Author contact details:Twitter: @EagleJudith #ThePearAffair #PearAffairCover illustrated by: Kim Geyer Twitter: @kim_geyer Instagram: kimgeyer63 Publisher contact details: Twitter: @FaberBooks Instagram: faberbooks Under 100 characters summary: Nell hunts through the... Continue Reading →

Swimming Against The Storm by Jess Butterworth Published by Orion£6.99ISBN: 9781510105485Pages: 229Author contact @J_T_Butterworth @sallyanne_s #swimmingagainstthestormCover illustrated by: Rob Biddulph @RobBiddulph Inside map drawn by: John Oliver Publisher   @HachetteKids Under 100 characters summary: Eliza & The Canailles race through a hurricane to search for the loup-garou, which they think will save their home. The first line: Our... Continue Reading →

Cloudburst By Wilbur Smith with Chris Wakling Cloudburst Wilbur Smith with Chris Wakling Published by Piccadilly Press £6.99 ISBN: 9781848128538 Pages: 307 Author contact details: @thewilbursmith @chriswakling Publisher website: @PiccadillyPress Under 100 characters book review: Jack Courtney, from the famous Courtney family, frantically hunts through the DRC for his kidnapped parents. The first line: I was... Continue Reading →

Thirteen Unpredictable Tales by Paul Jennings

An amazing imagination on display here by author Paul Jennings. These 13 short stories are definitely short and are all very different, but equally wonderful and well... weird. Be warned there are some stories which are more appropriate for children in secondary school, but generally they are just strange. Really inspiring stories for young writers... Continue Reading →

The International Yeti Collective by Paul Mason Illustrated by Katy Riddell Published by Stripes Books £6.99 ISBN: 9781788950848 Published: 17th October 2019 267 pages Author’s contact details: @writerpaulmason   Illustrator’s contact details: @RiddellKaty   Publisher’s website: @StripesBooks   Under 100 characters book review:  A chance meeting between human and yeti, which leads to a long journey and a... Continue Reading →

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